Online Casinos Canada emphasizes Responsible Gambling
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Always Play Responsibly

It’s only natural to play for real money. Our top casinos encourage free play so you can get to know the hundreds of games they offer but then you’ll likely want to make a bet or two. There are a few self-regulating points you ought to follow to make sure that you gamble responsibly whenever you sit down to gamble online.

Signs that you May Have a Gambling Problem

Responsible gambling is so important that we have compiled a simple check list of dos and don’ts to self-regulate your gambling. If any of these don’t describe your online gambling, you may have a problem.

Setting a time limit is the hallmark of responsible gambling; you always have something else to do. You might need to shop, cook, clean, sleep, read, catch up on your work assignment, visit with family and friends. If you set a time limit and stick to it, you’ll enjoy your gaming much more. People who can’t drag themselves away from the casino suffer nagging and gnawing feelings of guilt and remorse. Especially if you have these feelings of remorse, you wish to learn how to gamble responsibly.

Setting a financial budget is also important. It’s obvious that a budget for losing sessions is imperative; you shouldn’t add to your losses if your set budget has expired. But we also recommend setting a budget for your winning sessions as well. If you’ve had good luck and are nicely ahead and have reached your goal for the session, stop and savor your win. There are many stories of gamers who gave it all back instead of taking the money and using it to enhance their standard of living.

One way that many gamers use to regulate their finances online is to deposit using debit cards or pre-paid cards. In both of these banking methods, you have a set limit as to how much you can spend gambling, so you’ll naturally be able to restrain yourself from the temptation to gamble excessively.

The bottom line is that gambling should be fun. Any technique you use to increase the fun aspect of online gambling and reduce the nagging guilt feelings is desirable.

How Casinos Can Help You Play Responsibly

There are three main ways casinos help gamers stay within themselves and avoid the risk of developing problem gambling.

Some casinos will set their own stop watch and log you out when your set time limit expires. Casinos offer time outs where you tell the casino to temporarily accept no bets from your account. You can tell the casino to limit the size and frequency of your deposits.

Self-exclusion means telling the casino to freeze your account. You won’t even be able to access your account so you must withdraw your money before opting for self-exclusion. Casinos offer two types of self-exclusion: temporary and permanent.

The self-assessment tests ask quite personal questions. But if you need to answer these questions to yourself, the tests are the most private way you can find to evaluate your gambling problem.

Professional Assistance for Problem Gambling

Many gamblers have at one time or another faced a minor gambling problem. This can be manifested by spending too much time at the casino, by taking more money out to gamble with “until I get even”, by setting time or financial budgets too high, by losing sight of the purely entertainment value of gambling and seeing it as a way to increase one’s income.

Canadians who suspect that they have crossed the line into problem gambling can avail themselves of two invaluable tools to treat their problem:

We at Online Casinos Canada urge you to avail yourselves of every avenue to turn possible problem gambling into the manageable, fun activity it ought to be.