Our Real Money Canadian Casinos have 31 methods to deposit in CAD
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Playing at a Real Money Casino

There is nothing quite like playing at a real money casino. Most people are exhilarated to be able to play games with a little money riding on the outcome. As long as you stay within a reasonable budget, gaming at a real money casino is a great way to pass the time.

It’s easy to fund your Canadian online casino real money account. But we at Online Casinos Canada urges you to pay close attention; the following points are for your protection:

  • Play only at regulated and certified casinos.
  • Play only at casinos that promise to keep your personal information secret.
  • Play only at encrypted casinos so you know that your money is safe.
  • Understand why casinos ask for personal information for your own safety.

Funding Your Casino Account—Making a Deposit

Depositing is quite simple. Our casinos offer as many as 31 ways to deposit in Canadian dollars. We prefer to play at casinos that offer banking options we are familiar with and comfortable using. Never make a deposit using a banking method you are unsure of always trust your instinct. Some of the more popular methods used by Canadians who play online are:


The two most well-known credit cards, Visa and MasterCard, allow deposits as easily as making any other purchase online. These are line-of-credit cards so you can deposit large sums if that is your desire.

Debit cards allow you to regulate your gaming budget. The money you send to your casino account is immediately subtracted from your checking account. It is not a line-of-credit card.


These cards resemble debit cards in that the amount you can deposit is limited. Deposits with pre-paid cards also resemble electronic transfers; you put money into the card and then you electronically transfer it.


These are a type of clearing house where you “store” personal and financial information towards making online purchases. In this context, casino deposits are considered a purchase.

The most popular web wallets for Canadians are NETeller and Skrill.


This method is essentially an electronic personal check. Depositing with eCheck and other similar companies is like electronically sending any information. In this case, you show that your checking account has funds and you electronically send some to your casino account. Electronic transfers involve connection from your bank to the casino so the method is considered extremely safe.

Play for real money

Our Top Canadian Online Casinos all offer real money play and free play. Playing in free play mode means you use “free” casino credits to play your favourite casino games. This is a great way to learn how to play a new game or just up your skill level. When you want to win tangible jackpots then you need to start playing with your real money. Placing a real money bet means you are wagering money from your deposit but, if you win you get cash that you can withdraw from the casino. Our Canadian casinos all offer reliable banking methods and they have passed the test when it comes to security, meaning you can play real money casino games at all of them.

How to Withdraw your Winnings from the Casino

The length of time required to withdraw varies on the casino and the banking method you’re using. Some withdrawals take only a day or two; some take only five business days; some take longer.

To withdraw money you will have to show the casino that you are really you. Many this as a runaround but casinos do it strictly to protect you. Casinos have powerful encryption systems to protect your cash whilst it is on deposit at the casino. Once they send it to you, the casino’s safety net no longer applies. So the casino rightfully requires identification so they don’t facilitate online banking fraud at your expense.


“Casino Payments Edition”

Play only at regulated and certified casinos. The casino’s legitimacy is proved to you in this way.
There are a few reasons why a deposit might fail.
  • You might have made a mistake.

  • You might not have sufficient funds for a deposit..

  • Your bank may have experienced a glitch.

  • The casino may have experienced a glitch.

The first thing to do is find out if the money moved out of one account. If it did, then the glitch likely lies at the casino. Contact us, we’ll trace the deposit, and we’ll resolve the problem.
First, the bank will require you show them that the casino is regulated and certified. Then the bank will allow you to deposit.
It is easy but you must meet certain requirements:
  • You must have completed the wagering requirement from bonuses.

  • You must be withdrawing the money to a reputable company..

  • You must prove who you are through proper identification methods.

No one will break the law by depositing money into your real money casino account. But they might break the law by taking money out of your account. This is called stealing. To prevent stealing, casinos require enough identification so the casino is satisfied that the withdrawal will go to you and not an anonymous cyber thief.