Online slots are a fun, fast way to make big money
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Real Money Online Slots in Canada

We know how much Canadians enjoy playing online slots and that’s why we help you find the best real money slots. Slots have always been a game of luck and it’s all about getting the right symbols at the right time, whether those symbols are numbers, shapes, fruits or letters, most games allow for a variety of winning combinations. What’s more, many online slots Canada allow you to play a certain number of spins for free so you can get the hang of the game and you get to keep your winnings.

Different Types of Online Slots

Slots offer you the chance to win serious jackpots, with some running into the millions. The two most popular types of online slots are:

Progressive Slot Games

Progressive real money slots are the most popular online casino game. Gambling centers around finding the quickest and biggest jackpots and that is exactly what these online slots offer. The jackpots are connected to gamblers around the globe via shared software providers like Microgaming. That means players all over the internet can play the same game, contributing to a progressive jackpot.

Use these tips to up your chances of winning big:

Video Slot Games

These online slots Canada are a variation of standard real money slots complete with vibrant graphics and fast play. They are based on the traditional five reel slots, but their sound effects and themes take online gambling to a whole new level. The concept is easy: the reels spin and stop on certain symbols. If you get the right combination of symbols or matching symbols, you receive a payout.

To start playing:

How to Play Real Money Slots

Online slots are a great way to make easy money. Make sure you have made a deposit at the casino so that you can play for real money. It is also important to play the style of slot game you enjoy. Make sure you play a game with the theme you like and jackpots and bonus features you understand. When you play online slots Canada, you will come across several special features that are worth looking out for.

Special Features Hidden in Slot Machine Games

Tips on How to Play Online Slots


Online slots are easy to play and a fantastic way to get into online gambling. Use these tips to make your experience even better:

  • Have fun – online slots Canada are tons of fun. Enjoy those jackpots but don’t be scared to back down if Lady Luck seems to be in hiding.
  • Notice the pay lines – if you’re checking out new online slots, pay attention to the number of pay lines. Some games have more than others and therefore offer more ways to win.
  • Payout percentages – these differ per rates of regularity of payouts and payout percentages. Games with bigger jackpots will pay out less often. To avoid a losing streak, find games with regular hits.
  • Slim the stakes, not the lines – it’s okay to skimp on the size of the coins instead of playing fewer lines. Aim to play the full number of pay lines if you want the best chance at winning.

Real money slots are fast, fun, and offer high payoffs. Many of our recommended casinos offer free spins to newcomers so you can practice for free while you get used to the basics. Be sure to read through the rules before you get started so that you know which combinations and symbols will result in a win.

Online slots Canada are a fun way to get to grips with online gambling. We have sourced the best deals for you so you can jump right in and start playing!