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Online Craps: Roll the Dice

Playing craps online is somewhat of a sensation with our Canadian players. Online craps seem to have grown from a game that was once played on roadsides to one of the most popular online games today. The suspense, the excitement, and the pure adrenaline as those dice are thrown definitely make this one of the most exciting games you’ll find at online casinos.

Real money craps is based on a straightforward idea, but the betting options can get complicated. Options like line bets, multi-rolls bets, and single roll bets all allow you to take as much risk as you want to, with some of the most complicated bets bringing the house edge down to nearly nothing. What all this means is that you can devise your own winning strategies.

But, if you’re new to online craps, the good news is that playing online is a lot easier than playing in real life. You get to see the full payout card on the tables and this is a constant reminder of the rules of the game. What’s more, with free versions available, you can practice as much as you like before you play real money craps.

If you want an unsurpassed gaming experience, check out our guide to winning at craps.

Best Casinos to Play Craps Online

Playing craps online is far better than sitting at a crowded table with a group of strangers. It’s just you and your computer or mobile device which means you can look forward to more control over your games. In turn, the odds of better payouts are raised.

Fair, safe, and secure online Canadian casinos will offer you the chance to roll more turns and play more real money craps. What’s more, you can take full advantage of a variety of online bonuses to increase your gaming experience. Playing online craps also allows you to take the odds up to 5x which is a great deal more than land based casinos offer. Best of all, you can play whenever and wherever you want to.

All the casinos our team review are registered, regulated, and fair, so you are assured fun, safe gaming at its best.

Get Started: How to Play Real Money Craps

With online craps, one player is dubbed the “shooter.” The shooter will roll two dice and all other players at the table bet on what the shooter will roll. Here’s how it works:

  • The first roll is called the come-out throw and it sets the stage for the game. Before the first roll, you can bet on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Bar. If the dice add up to 7 or 11, the players who bet the pass line win. If the dice add up to 2, 3 or 12 (combinations referred to as craps), players that bet on the don’t pass bar win.
  • If the shooter rolls any other numbers, that number is the “Point.”

After that, all bets that are placed on the pass line are gambled on the “point.” You can also bet on other stakes on the table, such as other combinations or certain sums.

The shooter throws the dice again until either a 7 or the point is thrown.

  • If a 7 is thrown, all bets are collected and the dice passed along to another player
  • If a point is thrown, you will be reward winnings on your pass line bet and the shooter rolls another come-out throw.

Different Online Craps Games

While online craps is a relatively classic game, there are a few different versions to take note of:

  • Crapless Craps – this version of craps is the most common form of online craps. With this game, the shooter has a disadvantage with the house edge usually sitting at 5.38%. You can bet on a rolling 2, 3, 11 or 12 before a 7.
  • Las Vegas Craps – this version also goes by the title, Bank Craps, and is also a popular way to play craps online. There is a special table layout that includes string or wire a few inches from the surface of the table. The dice should be thrown over the string and the house edge is typically 1.4%.

Hints and Tips for Winning at Craps

If you’re ready to play real money craps online, there are a few strategies you should and should not use. The best bet at a craps table is the pass line bet followed by taking odds on the point. Most of the other bets on the board are relatively safe, but you may want to avoid the “Big Eight” and “Big Six” bets which feature unfavourable house edges at 9.1%. Take note that the “Hard 10” and “Hard 4” odds are actually worse with the house edge at 11% and higher.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our reviews on online Canadian casinos and start playing craps online today!