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It has transpired that more gaming is done these days on casino mobile platforms than on the good ol’ desktop platform. Convenience, game selection, and high definition are the three movers in this online gaming revolution.


Casinos: Mobile vs Desktop


The big advantage that mobile casinos offer is convenience. The top reason to stick with a desktop casino is the larger number of games. There was a time that the graphics on desktop casinos was superior to mobile. This has not been the case for a couple of years; the graphics and animation on mobile are equal to desktop. If that were not the case, mobile casino games like Game of Thrones would not work on mobile but they do—spectacularly.


How We Rate and Review Mobile Casinos


We use three main parameters when rating a mobile casino. Two are strictly about the mobile casino itself; the third compares the mobile casino with its adjunct desktop casino.


Mobile casinos have fewer games than desktop casinos because there are far more mobile platforms and devices. The game developers had to take games that had been created for desktop platforms and rework them to be compatible with mobile platforms and devices.


So, as a general rule, a mobile casino should:


The mobile casino games should all be the best games that the developer created for desktop and has reworked for mobile. As convenient as the casino mobile platform is, it would suffer if the games themselves were less than great fun to play. A mobile casino must always strive to be ahead of the curve in terms of technology, using and incorporating only the best technology to make your gaming experience as good as it can be.


Finally, most mobile casinos are the progeny of a desktop casino. The parent casino has many benefits: Welcome Bonuses, daily, weekly, and monthly promotions, smooth and safe banking, Loyalty and VIP programmes.


We take it as an unassailable criterion that the mobile casino should offer you all these same benefits as the desktop casino and that you should be able to access the mobile casino with the same login code that you use for the desktop casino.

Casino Games on Mobile


A mobile casino should feature games in all of the game categories as the desktop casino. Whereas the desktop casino may have 40 variations of blackjack, the mobile casino may suffice, for now, with only 5. The same holds true in all games where the desktop casino has many varieties; the mobile will have fewer in every category. But the mobile casino should have a representative selection in every category.


A day will surely come that mobile technology will support 700+ casino games as we find on many desktop casinos and that the developers will finish the arduous task of reworking all their games for mobile. For now, we need to be patient. The game developers are hard at work reformatting several games each month and have begun to develop games just for mobile.


Mobile Casino Bonuses


One of the big advantages of playing at a mobile casino that’s connected to a desktop casino is that the bonuses you receive from one apply to the other casino as well. As we explain in the section on bonuses, when you receive a bonus you have a play-through requirement before you can withdraw money. You retire the play-through requirement by playing at either the mobile or the desktop casino. Imagine how quickly you can finish this requirement if you can carry the casino with you! The bonuses at a mobile casino are exactly the same as at the desktop casino. Similarly, the benefits of a mobile casino bonus are the same as at the desktop casino: playing and winning with the casino’s money!


How to Start Playing at a Mobile Casino

To begin, you will need a mobile device that the casino supports. These days, all the top devices and platforms are supported by the best mobile casinos. It always helps to have up-to-date mobile devices but the improvements in compatibility make mobile gaming entertaining and pleasing even on older devices. If you have one of the following devices playing on your mobile will be easy:


Many mobile casinos allow you to play through your browser just like at the desktop casino. So, you need to have a mobile device with access to the internet. Others require you to download their app. Mobile casino apps are not big so almost any mobile device in use today can easily handle the app download. All of the casinos we recommend can be played on both your mobile device or your desktop PC, take a look at our casino reviews and find a casino that best suits your gambling needs.