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On this page we will explain the various casino bonuses you can receive and we’ll try to examine a bit of the fine print as well. Casino bonuses change often as some are introduced, some are improved, and some are actually lowered so you need news on the latest casino bonuses.

Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

The fine print regarding any online casino bonus is tiring to read so we will give you the main points you need to know.

  • All bonuses have a play-through requirement, the lower the better for you.
  • Welcome bonuses can expire after a period of time.
  • Some free casino bonuses, such as free spins, expire if you don’t use them soon after you receive them.

Despite the small print, an online casino bonus is a great boon to gamers. You get to play with the casino’s money or, if the bonus is for free spins, you have the chance for a big win on the casino’s dime.

The Different Types of Casino Bonuses on Offer

There are several categories of bonuses you can enjoy at an online casino. They each have great benefits.

Casino Bonus

No deposit bonus

Casino Bonus

Deposit bonus

Casino Bonus

Free spins

Casino Bonus

Purchase match bonus

The latest casino bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, are free casino bonuses. They are easy to understand. You get one when you sign up to play at the casino. No deposit bonuses are usually small but the point is not size. It lets you play many games for free just to see how the games look and feel. If the no-deposit bonus is truly small it’s almost like playing in practice mode but it does allow you to have a tiny stake in the outcome. The term “deposit bonuses” is generic; these bonuses come in many sizes. They may be a percentage bonus. They might be for free spins if you deposit on, say, Wednesday. They might be for using a specific banking method to deposit. Free Spins are everybodies favourite bonus, here you can try out some of the games on offer without using your own money, all winnings are yours. Many casinos offer free spins bonuses so make sure you keep an eye out for this lucrative reward. Purchase match bonuses are percentage bonuses for deposits.

We have found casinos that offer a variety of these different casino bonuses. When we rate and review a casino we test out the welcome bonus and take part in any other casino bonsues and promtotions that may be on offer. You can find all the details on a specific casino and their bonuses by reading our online casino reviews.

Know Your Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus

New player or sign up bonus – a casnio bonus to welcome you to the casino

Casino Bonus

High roller bonus – bonuses for players that deposit thousands at a time.

Casino Bonus

Weekly and monthly bonuses – bonuses on offer each month or weekly.

Casino Bonus

Refer-a-friend bonus – a bonus for refering your friend to the casino.

New player bonuses are generally known as Welcome Bonuses. These are usually deposit bonuses or free spins, and are often a combination of the two. Most Welcome Bonuses are tiered so you need to make more than one deposit in the first week to fully take advantage of the offer. Some players see this as a disadvantage but we see it in a positive light. Essentially, the casino may be offering you $1500 in deposit bonuses but in three or four installments. That means that you don’t have to deposit $1500 to get that amount as a bonus. You can deposit the maximum on the first bonus and then decide if you want to continue to play there or to look for another casino. High rollers can often set their own rules at an online casino. Every bonus offer at an online casino is enhanced for high rollers. You’ll still have a play-through requirement but otherwise, the bonuses you receive can be quite big. High rollers also benefit from the VIP Club at many casinos where they receive VIP treatment in all facets of online gaming. Most strong casinos offer deposit bonuses frequently. These keep players playing at the casinos. It also is a big help to players who, usually, like to play for the fun of it and prefer playing with the casino’s money. Many casinos offer weekend bonuses because gamers are often too busy on the weekend to play. Casinos offer a mid-week bonus because players have work to do so often don’t open the casino mid-week. Casinos also offer birthday bonuses. We suggest you claim a casino bonus if you want to test out an onilne casino, it is one of the best ways to try out the casino games on offer and get a feel for what the casino is really like.

Casino Bonus Rules and Conditions

In order to properly evaluate any bonus you must consider the play-through requirement. Casinos don’t want to offer bonuses and then have the players withdraw the bonus money right away. There lies bankruptcy. So, the casinos require you to wager a factor of the bonus before you can withdraw any winnings. A playthrough requirement of 30x is quite fair. Above 40x is questionable. Free spin bonuses may be for as few as 10 spins or as many as 500 spins. You will have a play-through requirement here as well. Otherwise, you might win a big jackpot with a free spin, withdraw your winnings, and leave the casino.

Now, t and c, as they are called, are dull, printed in small print with imposing long paragraphs. We recommend calling the casino after you’ve gone through the terms and conditions a bit and find out if the casino’s vaunted support system really works.


“Casino Bonus Edition”

Essentially, you receive a gift from the casino. Sometimes, the bonus is automatic. You usually must wager a factor of the bonus before you can withdraw.
Not necessarily. There are many other good reasons to sign up at a casino.
Yes. You can play the latest casino bonuses at the desktop or mobile casinos.
No. You can stop the welcome bonus process at any time.
Yes. There are no online casino bonuses that you must take.
Then you have no winnings to withdraw. If you continue at the casino, you’ll deposit and the wagering requirement will continue.